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About Loving Adonis



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 At a very young age, heartbroken Angie loses her parents. Her older brother had run away years before and now she is left entirely alone. Her aunt, whom she never knew existed, takes her in, raising her as the daughter she never had. Upon graduation from college, Angie pursues ownership of a flower shop business, pouring all of her energies and honing her focus into developing her independence.  Upon meeting the handsome Gary, she is shocked at her reaction to him and privately nicknames him her "Adonis". Surprised by the electric chemistry that neither can ignore, and with some reservations, they embark upon a relationship filled with heated encounters that leave Angie breathless. Weeks filled with passion, love-making, playing, and sharing have begun to cement a commitment between Angie and Gary. But fate steps in to test Angie on the day she accidentally observes Gary embracing another woman. Too stubborn to confront the apparent cheating incident, Angie’s jealousy rises and clouds all reason and logic. To make matters worse, within a short time later, Gary overhears several conversations between Angie and two other men! Suspicions now mount in the minds of both and their false pride puts their relationship in danger. Both are too stubborn and hurt to confront one another. Struggling through days of loneliness and refusing to communicate, Angie is struck once again by the hand of fate. When the lovers are forced to confront one another about their suspected unfaithful behavior, the shaky bonds and shattered commitments are surprisingly strengthened by the truth. This is a story of new love found, lost, and regained. But that’s not the end. The story is intensified with past love found, the power of new love, and family ties. 

About Dancing With A Cowboy




Lucy Baumgardner, working partner in a law firm in Philadelphia, works too hard. So says the senior partner, who just happens to be her father. When she’s forced to take a two week hiatus, she assumes two weeks of pedicures, massages and poolside relaxation with a glass of wine won't kill her. But things aren't always what one expects. 

To her horror, city girl Lucy ends up stuck on a working ranch with no phones, cell service, or WiFi. When she refuses to play cowgirl for two weeks, Stace Levin, the handsome owner /operator, does nothing to make things easy for her. 

Knowing it’s for only two weeks, Lucy succumbs to the ranch lifestyle. Every day something happens to change her mind about the good looking cowboy, Stace. One day he’s a pompous ass, and the next, well… Those inviting arms, and his generous warm lips and mouth can sure as hell change one’s mind about the guy. 

When Lucy's hiatus comes to an end, a legal mess involving two other ranch guests, that may have harrowing consequences for Stace's ranch and livelihood, Lucy lends her legal expertise. Stace of course is grateful, says thank you, and he sends her away. Wasn't there more than a friendship involved? After months of being together, didn't he feel about her the way she felt about him? She was obviously just a female guest that gets used on each group passing through the ranch. Devastated, Lucy returns to her Philadelphia law office both alone and lonely, blaming her loneliness on her father and his forced vacation.  

About Twisted Engagement


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Lilly, a successful entrepreneur decides marrying David would be a mistake. After breaking the engagement and selling her business, she finds comfort and new love in Colorado. She finds comfort and a new love,and believes all her dreams have come true when she meets Glenn, a hotel owner knowing he is everything she ever wanted.  Lilly decides to stay in Everley Flats and rents a cottage at the edge of town. She and her best friend Sue spend days shopping to fill it and make it homey. 

It soon comes to light that Lilly’s ex, David, has an unsavory past. To make matters worse, he’s been secretly following and spying on her. What he plans for her, well… those things were never in her dreams. The driving forces of devoted love are what it will take to save her.  

About Tarnished Romance



Following their first date, Judy Kalfus fell in love with the man of her dreams, attorney Bryce Stevens. As she struggles with her childhood fears, Judy wrestles with the ability to have an open relationship. Heartache and emotional pain are no strangers to her. How can she have closeness and distance at the same time?

In an attempt to cover her real occupation, Bryce is led to believe she's employed at the San Francisco General Hospital. The inevitable happens and Judy's false foundation begins to crumble. Bryce discovers she is unknown at the hospital and demands full disclosure.

When the relationship reaches a dramatic reckoning and begins to unravel, will the truth tarnish their romance? After all . . . some things can be forgiven, and some things can't.


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