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2 of 5 Stars  Dancing With A Cowboy August 24, 2017 Bradley Spoon  I've listened to this book for an upcoming episode we're doing for http://AudioShelf.me and I must say...romance is NOT my genre at all. Especially cheap "penetrating" romance. The story was really boring, it wasn't original, and it was completely predictable. I honestly couldn't wait to be finished with it. The narration was good, though. It was narrated by Tiffany Marz and she did a nice job with what she had. Her Minnesota-sounding accent crept in several times (especially with words with long A's." Overall, Tiffany put a lot of emphasis on creating all the characters' voices to be different from each other. I was wishing a southern accent was used for the main character or Stacey, but there wasn't. Overall, I will never read this again and I don't want to read anything like it.  

5 of 5 Stars  Dancing With A Cowboy February 28, 2017  Tiffany Marz VO Artist  So...its 4am...at midnight I decided I'd read a few more chapters....starting my reading from chapter 4...I just FINISHED THE WHOLE BOOK!! I couldn't stop! Sandi, it was so amazing! And of course I'm sitting here crying lol you had me experiencing every emotion!! I really can't say enough about it!

3 of 5 Stars  Dancing With A Cowboy  January 19, 2017  Sandie Grise I was given this book by the author and these are my thoughts on it...People tend to forget that receiving a 3 as a rating is middle of the road, it's still a good rating and should be thought of as such. I could not connect with the characters. The first few pages did not grab me, but I pushed on. But the more I pushed on the more that I knew that I was not reading the book and enjoying it. In the end, I just had to face the hard facts that this was not the book for me. That being said, please do lot let ti detour you, many others will no doubt find it a pleasurable escape. As I said, it just wasn't the book for me.

4 of 5 Stars  Dancing With A Cowboy  December 2, 2016 -  TDC Book Reviews - This book has everything you could want, in what I would call a typical RomCom. When Lucy’s father forces her to take some much needed time off from their practice, and sends her to Echo Heaven Spa, Lucy reluctantly agrees to go be pampered. Only to show up to the Echo Heaven and find out it’s actually a working Ranch. In the middle no where. With no cellphone reception. and she is the only female guest. who packed flip flops and pretty dresses, not cowboy boots and jeans. Thankfully, the owner of the ranch can’t help but laugh at this woman who is so out of place that he takes some pity on her and helps show her the ropes. This book was super adorable. I couldn’t put it down and was laughing out loud while swooning at every page. The only thing I didn’t like was that the perspective would change randomly and I would need to go back a few sentences and double check who was speaking. Otherwise, I loved every part of it. The author gets 4 highlighted stars!

4 of 5 Stars  Dancing With A Cowboy   August 5, 2016 ~ Lj Ryan – A fantastic holiday read. This is a wonderful book by Sandi K. Whipple – once I started reading this story I knew it would be a simple “get away from it all” read. There is no thought provoking plot and that’s not a criticism - just relax and enjoy Sandi’s flowing style of writing and storyline. The story and characters are so workable and very endearing. I read this while on vacation and I admit I didn’t want to rush through the book and finish it to match with the end of my vacation, because once I started to read it I didn’t want the story to end; it was excellent from start to finish. But finish it did and it left me with a satisfying smile and good feeling that I wanted more of Sandi’s books. Her characters are charming and fun, now that’s the feel good factor I enjoy and was so happy I chose Dancing With A Cowboy for my holiday read.

5 of 5 stars Dancing With A Cowboy  Kayla Trail May 30, 2016 Such a wonderful book by an amazing author!!

5 of 5 stars Dancing With A Cowboy   Mar 07, 2016 Annie, It was amazing   highly-recommend  An overworked by choice Lucy Baumgardner, very successful Philadelphia lawyer working in her father’s Law Firm has her daddy taking drastic steps to get his daughter to take a vacation, some well needed time off to re-charge, have some adventure in her life but when he makes his daughters vacation arrangements it is not at all what Lucy was expecting or prepared for. She’s going to spend two glorious weeks at a posh mountain spa resort being pampered with manicures, pedicures, facials, and sitting by the pool, or so she thinks.  But when Lucy arrives at her destination she’s dumfounded and in disbelief, surely there has been a BIG mistake and she is going to have serious words with daddy as soon as she can get out of this hole in the mountains enough to get a phone signal. She has landed smack dab in the middle of a fully operational working ranch and she is one of the newest cowhands or is it cowgirl?  Echo Heaven Ranch, a self-supporting working ranch offers two week runs for groups of men or women to come and see and experience firsthand how a ranch runs. That means you ride a horse, you herd cattle, mend fences and that is just the clean stuff. You also have too muck stalls, mend fences and clean out pig pens. Oh my! Yhew!  Echo Heaven owned and run by Stace Levin, a hardworking, hands on owner of a little piece of heaven and with the help of paying guests that come to get the ultimate experience of first hand ranch life Stace has a nice little operation going. Then he meets a city gal lawyer named Lucy and his world gets turned upside down, but little does he know of the things to come with this fiery slip of a woman with a quirky sense of humor.  This book is the first I’ve read of Sandi Whipple. This author obviously is no novice at ranch life and has done her research well. The characters are very well rounded and likeable. You’ll laugh at times and then you’ll sympathize with the situation that the main femme character has found herself in. The story flows and moves at a good pace, the editing was very nicely done and best of all it was very cleanly written.  When I say cleanly written I mean there are some very passionate love scenes but the way the author takes you through these scenes you find yourself seeing the action in your mind feeling the tenderness and passion, but the raunchy explicit language is not there. I really enjoyed the characters and the way they find themselves in situations that aren’t the best that life would have to offer, after all ranch life is or can be backbreaking work. This author has got a winner on her hands with this one. Good story line, great characters and a top notch ending.  I highly recommend this book to adults as well as some of the younger set maybe 16 and up. If you like a country setting with down to earth good ole folk, you’ll enjoy reading this one.

4 of 5 Stars  Dancing With A Cowboy  JoAnne from Romancing The Book ~ January 25, 2016  This was a cute story by a new to me author and I will be looking for other books she’s written.  It was a quick paced lighthearted read and its premise was unexpected.  I was able to finish the book in less than a day since it kept my interest from the first page to the last. Lucy, Baumgardner, a high-powered Philadelphia lawyer, and Stace Levin, the owner of a working ranch and spa, should have nothing in common but there was chemistry and an attraction between them the moment they met even though a forced vacation, especially on a working ranch or dude ranch, wasn’t her thing.  The spa relates to hot springs and not a spa as Lucy was thinking – relaxing with massages, mani’s and pedi’s!  There were a lot of laughs throughout especially when Lucy realizes the type of vacation her father made her go on but also undercurrents of other stories in the background that became front and center soon enough with a mystery that needed solving.  Lucy was a good sport throughout no matter what ranch jobs were thrown her way. Even seeing her accommodations in a cabin, the family style meals with the other tourists, the early rising with a clanging of a bell, learning how to ride a horse and her poor clothing choices didn’t deter her from doing her best and making the best of the situation.  She would get down and dirty – often an understatement – and do what needed to be done without too much complaint.  Of course, her sarcasm and retorts and comments under her breath tended to get her in trouble when they were often times heard mainly by Stace.  She was a quick learner and always did her best or tried to no matter what assignment was thrown her and her team’s way and we were immediately immersed in a ranching life.  There were family, friends, airplanes, horses, cattle, pigs, cabins, the main house, good and hearty food, beautiful scenery in Arizona, heartache, anger, laughter, aches and pains, jealousy, doubts, fear, lawyering, lots of loving and ultimately love.  The loose ends were tied up nicely and there was closure and a happily ever after but an epilogue would have been nice.  Favorite Quote:  Laughing out loud, she name her pig Mr. Levin.

5 of 5 Stars  Dancing With A Cowboy  Pat Henderson  January 3, 2016  It was amazing I read this book in one day, it pulls you in and I just couldn't put it down. I love it and can't wait to read the other books from this author. It was exciting, adventurous and romantic. 

5 of 5 stars Dancing With A Cowboy    10/23/2015  Reviewed By Janelle Fila for Readers’ Favorite  Dancing With A Cowboy by Sandi Whipple is a contemporary romance that puts an educated big time city girl into the backwoods of the country. Lucy Baumgardner is forced into a two-week hiatus on a working ranch in the middle of nowhere. That means no cell phone service and no WiFi. The ranch's owner, Stace Levin, finds his newest charge amusing and doesn't cut her any slack when it comes to the manual labor. Lucy wouldn't mind if she didn't keep messing up, which amuses the rough and country style Stace. His amusement at Lucy's situation leads to an understanding of how incredibly brave and stubborn she is as well. When Lucy decides to grin and bear her punishment for two weeks, she lets her guard down, and realizes that there's more to cowboy Stace than meets the eye. Not only is he hardworking and fiercely proud, but he has inviting arms and warm lips that threaten to be the undoing of Lucy's stubbornness to refuse to become a cowgirl. This is a sweet romance that gives readers two incredibly written characters. Readers will fall in love with both Lucy and Stace. Lucy is tough as nails in the business world, but scared to death of the real world. Stace is the exact opposite. He has a hardened exterior, but is afraid to let anyone get close to see how he is on the inside. Until they meet each other. These characters are both incredibly written and readers will just fall in love with this story.

5 of 5 Stars  Dancing With A Cowboy  ~ Amazon New Zealand October 14, 2015, Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase Loved this romance novel. What a fun read that I highly recommend to you.

5 of 5 Stars   Jeanie Lautenschlager 7:48am Feb 11, 2015  Danny read all three of your books. He loved them all.  Waiting for your next book. 

4 of 5 Stars  Dancing With A Cowboy   December 26, 2014 by Devi Nair When I took "Dancing with the cowboy", I had serious misgivings about it. But the moment I finished the first chapter, I knew I was hooked. Finished the 250 page book in 3 hours flat, that is how much I loved it. Right from the previous book, I loved her stories. This one is just another one to be adored and totally loved. The character building is really nice. The language, which put me off in the second book, has developed substantially in this one. The description and depiction is classy. The story is sweet, albeit a tad bit predictable. There is some suspense at the end but even that is nice. If you are looking for a light hearted fun loving romance, "Dancing with the cowboy" is definitely it. Sandi has grown a lot with her writing in her third book. After this, I cannot wait to get my hands on her next book.

3 of 5 Stars  Dancing With A Cowboy   Dec 06, 2014  (;Lucy.Lala;) (;Book-A-Holic;) This was a cute country romance :) It was predictable, fun, and cute :D More info later...

5 of 5 stars Dancing With A Cowboy Jeanne Brostrom  Nov 27, 2014  It was amazing  Dancing with a Cowboy is a wonderful getaway into a world of romance, humor, and mystery. Lucy Baumgardner, with her strong work ethic and open mind, takes us on a journey from the city into the country where the secrets and the beauty of the country are presented for all to view - including the smell of the stalls, the determination involved in keeping a ranch fenced, and the strength, both physical and spiritual, that must be included if one is truly to love the country. Country living turns out to be just what this successful city lawyer was destined to embrace. Perhaps her dad who sent her on this trip knew more than what he let on when he arranged to send her into the unknown-clueless to the reality of the ranch experience. What makes Lucy so respectable is her ability to see the humor in her situation and her vibrant response to living. Lucy is a strong willed, independent woman. It would take a strong man to match her character, and Stace turns out to be just the man, possessing a sense of humor and the manliness to lead the dance. Lucy's ability to see the beauty of living wherever life takes her reminds us all that life is subjective, and what we see turns out to be a mirror looking back at us. Through Lucy's experience, this reader is able to enjoy a brief encounter with a time when she believed in romance and accepted that the hardships that come with the challenge - even if those hardships include the odor that can be found in a pig barn - are part of the secrets given to those who truly love the country. Dancing with a Cowboy reminds us that life is full of romance wherever one finds oneself: beauty is all around us. Like Lucy, we have to be open minded enough to see it. Good writing, Sandi Whipple. Not everyone can keep a story going, adding a sense of joy and amusement as the story progresses.

5 of 5 Stars Dancing With A Cowboy (Kindle Edition) (Posted Under Twisted Engagement) it's nice to get away to a world of romance November 26, 2014  By  Diana Brostrom Sometimes, it's nice to get away - to a world of romance and strong characters who don't back down when life gets hard, who can still fall in love and find mutual delight in one another. The story of Lucy and Stace is an enchanting story of a girl who can find the best in both the city and the country. How rare is that? We live in a world of haters and liars, and yet there are still those around us who (like Lucy and Stace) remind us that gratitude is the best gift, and the world, no matter where the perspective comes from, is subjective. To see Lucy find love in the country when she has been a successful city lawyer is a delightful reminder that beauty and romance are all around us if we have the eyes to see. If not, we can keep on hating.

5 of 5 Stars Dancing With A Cowboy David Burnett for the Kindle Book Review I received a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. November 7, 2014 Lucy is a partner in her father's Philadelphia law firm. A confirmed workaholic, she routinely puts in twelve hour days, six day weeks, and never takes a vacation. Worried about her health, her father orders her out of the office. He changes the lock on her door, distributes all of her cases to other attorneys, and books a two-week stay at an Arizona ranch. Lucy goes under protest.She arrives to find that, rather than being booked into what she had believed was a spa resort, her vacation is set at a dude ranch, an hour's flight from Phoenix in a small bush plane. It is a working ranch, and she faces two weeks of cleaning stables and pig pens, mending fences and herding cattle. There are twelve guests, and she is the only woman. When she demands to be returned to civilization, she is informed that the airplane will not return for two weeks, and that the ranch has no way to communicate with the outside world.Lucy attacks work at the ranch with the same drive and determination with which she practiced law. Wearing borrowed clothes−she had packed for a spa, after all− she jumps into all of the activities with the intent to show that she can master anything thrown her way. Stace is the owner of the ranch. Lucy initially believes him to be an arrogant jerk. After working with him, walking on the prairie with him, dancing with him to the sounds of night animals, and kissing him under the stars, though, she is in love. All is not right at the ranch however. Two of the other guests are acting strangely, wandering off alone, and there is a law suit over stolen property... This is the author's third novel and it is far and away the best of the three. The story is terrific and the writing is very good. I could feel Lucy's anger when she found herself stranded at the ranch for two weeks, and, had I been in her place, her father would have had an earful when I returned home. Lucy and Stace are both sympathetic characters and you quickly want them to fall in love, although it is difficult to see how that might happen or how they will be happy together if it does. The author's obvious knowledge of life on a working ranch added immeasurably to the realism of the story, and her knowledge of the law concerning land and mineral rights added additional authenticity. The book is an easy read, a perfect light romance with a touch of suspense thrown in just when you think you know where the plot is going.

Dancing With A Cowboy ~ Found on   QVC ~ PREVIEW   November 4, 2014  Dancing With A Cowboy  bigsister5763 Southern California I just finished a fun read and I recommend it. It is titled, Dancing With A Cowboy, by Sandi K. Whipple. This is her third book in the last year or two. She is in her 60s and recently started writing. She is a friend of a friend. The story has two main characters you will really like. Lucy is a dynamic lawyer in the big city and her father, the managing partner of the law office, insists she take some R and R. He signs her up for a two week stay at a working ranch. She thought she was going to a ranch/resort/spa. What takes place in those two weeks is delightful to read.

5 of 5 Stars  Dancing With A Cowboy    November 3, 2014  By Amazon Customer (GARLAND, TX, US)  - (Kindle Edition)  Loved the book!  Loved the angles... the non-communicative nature.... and her name!  Quick, easy reading, and smiling, because I've almost been there...done that....

5 of 5 Stars  Dancing with a Cowboy  Donna Gott  review October 13, 2014   Lucy Baumgardner had worked very hard for her partnership in her father’s law firm. She felt that she had to prove that she was good enough so she worked many, many nights and most Saturdays. Her father Gerald appreciated his daughter but felt that she was missing out on a lot and in fact was working really hard to kill herself with work. On her current case her father gave her another ultimatum that she would indeed take 2 weeks off at the expense of the law firm if she won. Arriving back at the office after winning Lucy tried to enter her office to no avail. Fuming she confronted her father, he handed her an envelope with all the details of her forced hiatus, rather than vacation. Reaching into the envelope she pulled out the tickets and a brochure. On the top it read: Retreat. Get away from it all. She barely saw the rest, keeping the ticket and itinerary and dropped the rest on the floor. She was speechless, but she realized that he was going to force the issue. Looking up she said, “Well, I suppose I have no other choice. I will have to just force myself to deal with two weeks of being pampered.” Leaving the room she told her father that she would never forgive him. As she left, she heard him say, yes you will. Let’s just say that Lucy should have taken the time to read the rest of the paperwork as this would be a vacation of a life time. What did I like? Having a background in ranching, I’m very familiar with the life, the work that goes on without the luxury of holidays or weekends off. It’s hard but a very enriching life style for those who can stick it out. Loving the animals and even taking pride in the work accomplished. Knowing your roots go back for 100’s of years working the soil and animals. This book touches on those values that have been sorely missed in this day in time. The characters were so loveble with touches of vulnerability that make them real. I loved the dialog, especially the one about the orchestra and the one about "This must be where God sleeps". The story line is developed in so many ways that it touched my heart.What did I dislike? In the book nothing, but in real life the type of people that think that they can just use the system and get what they want without the value of hard work. It’s sad to think that these people cannot understand what it means to appreciate the beauty of the land and the offerings that it will give you if you just apply yourself to it. Of course, that not only applies to this type of living but all in general. What will you like? First and foremost a book that will capture your heart. A story line that has been thoroughly been researched down to the smallest details. The descriptions of the land and buildings will come alive in your mind along with the characters. A very real experience in living the life of a rancher and in the most vivid way, a very romantic love story that will remain in your mind for a very long time. And last but certainly not least another book that will be added to your “To Be Read” list, to be read over and over again. Our country was built on these values spoken of in this book and if you want to remind yourself what they were just pick up this book and read. It will jump out to you on every page. Happy reading, I know I did!

5 of 5 Stars Dancing With A Cowboy Ann-Maree Coyte  September 22, 2014 I was given a free pre-release copy of Dancing With A Cowboy in exchange for an honest review. I don’t care for westerns and wasn’t sure about this book. But I read the author’s other two and enjoyed them immensely. When I started reading this one and realized it wasn’t a western, I was surprised and happy that I was given a chance to read it. Lucy, a lawyer from Philadelphia, who works like a dog, gets locked out of her office and has to take a two week vacation. It was bought and paid for by her Dad, who’s also her boss. She’s expecting to go to a resort, but winds up at a kind of dude ranch. First, she’s riding in a small airplane and scared to death, but it’s the only way to get to the ranch. Her description of the plane nearly sent me over the edge in laughter. She thought her vacation had gone downhill when she arrived. But it gets worse for her. The ranch owner, whose name is Stace, though he’s attracted to Lucy, isn’t making things easy for her. She’s smart though, and figures out how to cope. She’s quick witted, and does and says some hilarious things. I laughed through the entire first half of the book. At times, I had tears from laughing so hard. Some of Lucy’s experiences while working on the ranch are creative, realistic and well written. I even pictured them happening to me. When all the people staying at the ranch go on a four day cattle drive, Stace really starts paying attention to Lucy. They take long walks in the evenings and do a lot of talking and start getting to know each other. When two men at the ranch start acting strange and a legal problem surfaces, Lucy, as an attorney, helps Stace . I will say, after Lucy managed to fix the problem for Stace, I was shocked when she went back to Pennsylvania. I even counted to see how many pages were left to read because I couldn’t believe it. But once she’s back home, she gets a package. I cried when she opened it! The ending is beautiful and heartwarming. I loved the characters and I loved the story. It’s beautiful and heartwarming. Months from now I’ll read this again. It was an excellent read. I’ll be watching for Sandi’s next book.



4 of 5 Stars Twisted Engagement  By Ddkmc95 October 24, 2017  Lili broken off her engagement to an abysmal man and uprooted her life from NY to CO. On the puddle jumper to the new sleepy ski town, she met Glen...owner of the hotel where Lili was supposed to stay. A friendship quickly developed between the two and, when her bff visited, she started something with Glen’s bff. While Lili’s life seems to be on the upswing strange things begin to occur. Will Lili have a happy ending w Glen or is he hiding a secret relationship? Is someone stalking Lili?? While the book was enjoyable, it did appear dated...who uses a beeper and answering machine these days? I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

4 of 5 Stars Twisted Engagement  (AUDIBLE)  October 11, 2017 Zoe  (Scroll Down on site for Review) It is a very touching but endearing story with surprising ending. Abuse causes such emotional pain for the person on the receiving end. In so many cases there are no happy endings and in some cases it will end in death. I'm glad that this story has been written even though in this case it is a fiction.

4 of 5 Stars  Twisted Engagement   (AUDIBLE)  October 10, 2017  Reggie  (Scroll down for Review)   "Fast paced romantic suspense"  Lili broken off her engagement to an abysmal man and uprooted her life from NY to CO. On the puddle jumper to the new sleepy ski town, she met Glen...owner of the hotel where Lili was supposed to stay. A friendship quickly developed between the two and, when her bff visited, she started something with Glen’s bff. While Lili’s life seems to be on the upswing strange things begin to occur. Will Lili have a happy ending w Glen or is he hiding a secret relationship? Is someone stalking Lili?? While the book was enjoyable, it did appear dated...who uses a beeper and answering machine these days?
I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

4 of 5 Stars  Twisted Engagement    (AUDIBLE)  October 4, 2017 Beautifully Bookish  (scroll down) suspenseful and sweet" The narrator was excellent despite the story giving off the feeling of being dated. The characters felt like they were older than their stated ages due to their dress, speech and actions. The plot held your attention but was pretty predictable. The romance is swoon worthy and I love HEA's! The ending kinda stops in the middle of a conversation but maybe i had a bad copy. I enjoyed listening.

4 of 5 Stars Twisted Engagement (AUDIBLE) October 4, 2017 blue_river NY  (Scroll down on site for Review)Grea story! Although it was a great story, I had a hard time connecting with the characters do to the fact that they all sounded very similar throughout the book. Once I was able to differentiate who was who it was much more enjoyable. I love the suspense that came in the end of the book. It made all the connections click and hit home. I loved the way it ended and look forward to reading more from this author.

5 of 5 Stars  Twisted Engagement  Daniela Acitelli  September 10, 2017 ~  I have to say I loved Twisted Engagement. It reminds me of all the books I used to devour when I was growing up. I love the detail you put in to each cup of coffee etc. so that it feels like the reader is actually there. It's pure enjoyment! Kind Regards, Daniela (Professional Voiceover Artist)

4 of 5 Stars Twisted Engagement Sharon Livingston Berg  May 8, 2017 I have read all of the books and I do believe that this book is my favorite...just love it!!!

5 of 5 Stars Twisted Engagement  By lucky lady on October 14, 2015  Format: Paperback Verified Purchase Twisted Engagement written by Sandi K. Whipple is her first book and I have read all four in order. I love them all and they just seem to be getting better and better.

4 of 5 Stars Twisted Engagement  By: Ron Cartwright on May 12, 2015 Format: Paperback Verified  Purchase Very good reading!

5 of 5 Stars Twisted Engagement   Reviewed by Angela from Romancing the Book  April 26, 2015 Book provided by the author for review  ~ Wow, this book is what I would call a sleeper. I read the summary about Twisted Engagement and thought it seems like any other book that I’ve read but once I got into it I couldn’t put it down. I instantly fell for the main female character Lilly. She is down to earth and would rather hurt herself then hurt those around her. It really touched a cord with me. Lilly is also joined by the male lead of Glenn. He in his own right has a lot of amazing qualities that make him stand out. The book mostly takes place in Everley Falls Colorado. Although the author doesn’t focus a lot on the outdoors environment she is very descriptive about the surroundings within the Senator hotel where Lilly is staying. The plot to the story was the “sleeper” part for me. I wasn’t expecting the twists and turns that were caused by Lilly’s ex. That is the part of the book that kept me on the edge of my seat and flipping rapidly through those pages. There is also another couple that forms in the book that we get to spend a lot of time with and that is Lilly’s best friend Sue and Glenn’s best friend Jim. Jim and Sue met by chance at the hotel. The book itself is told from the point of view of Lilly and Glenn but you get a lot of insight into the relationship that forms between Jim and Sue. Following Lilly throughout the book is a journey in and of itself. You really get to see her grow and figure out who she is. From a quiet “church mouse” to a fiercely independent woman who knows what she want’s. Twisted Engagement is a stand alone novel and does not end in a cliff hanger. It’s a wonderful story about falling in love and getting your happily ever after. It’s not quite that straight forward though. All couples have their ups and downs and Glenn and Lilly are no exception. Favorite Quote: “Now, as you’re only wasting and taking up space above ground, as well as littering the lobby of my husband’s hotel, I suggest you get out and stay out!

5 of 5 Stars   Jeanie Lautenschlager 7:48am Feb 11, 2015  Danny read all three of your books. He loved them all.  Waiting for your next book. 

1 of 5 Stars  Twisted Engagement    By Pamela on February 9, 2015 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase What the hell did I just read? Shoot me now. Am I glutton for punishment or what? I seriously need my head examined. After reading one craptastic book, it seems I dove into another one except this one was worse. Not only was this novel a piece of crap, it was ridiculous and beyond cheesy. Hells bells I thought I was reading a fuc---g Harlequin novel written by Danielle Steel from decades ago. The writing was that corny. The story, the suspense, the romance, the characters - laughable and ridiculous on so many levels. Such cheese! Of course the hero is gorgeous, tall, rich, a nice guy, a great boss, and everyone likes him. The heroine is the typical smart, intelligent, and nicest person that everyone loves. She of course is a beautiful woman who has no idea how beautiful she really is, blushing every time the hero pays her a compliment. Wow! I guess with loving parents and friends, she's never been paid a compliment, suffering this unholy tragedy for 28 years. Such in-depth characters. Roll your eyes people. God knows I am. I have no one to blame but myself. Fine, I'd be lying if I didn't want to place blame on the readers who gave this novel five stars but in the end it's me who clicked "Buy." This is just one of those novels that I'm honestly embarrassed to have read. It's a good thing I'm not a gambler as I'd be walking away with just the shirt on my back. I think I need a break. Maybe watch some mindless television for a day or two, and pray. I mean pray really hard that the next book I choose to read is at least better than the last two I so regret ever coming across.

2 of 5 Stars  Twisted Engagement  Devi Nair  January 20, 2015  The story line is a typical romance with all the Harlequin effects of it. An awesome dreamy boyfriend, a small shy girlfriend and the past of the girlfriend coming to haunt them. The story revolves around an abused girl who tries to run away from her past but the past catches upon and threatens to ruin her future. Unfortunately, the summary says it all. The entire 242 page story is said in the summary. 


5 of 5 Stars Twisted Engagement  Keely Nouveau November 10, 2014 I enjoyed reading Twisted Engagement from the beginning of Lily’s new start, meeting wonderful people and all the adventures along the way. The twist of a past relationship with an unstable guy made it interesting to read and kept me very captivated to see how it all was going to turn out. This is the second book I have read of Sandi Whipple’s and enjoyed it very much. I look forward to reading her next one which is already on my night stand.

5 of 5 Stars  Twisted Engagement    Cecile Drollinger  September 16, 2014  Format: Paperback   Great cannot wait for her next book!

5 of 5 Stars  Twisted Engagement  Gayle Hanna  September 10, 2014  Twisted Engagement has it all, romance, suspense, drama and adventure. Hats off to Sandi K. Whipple for this page turner. You will enjoy following Lilly through her - Twisted Engagement!

5 of 5 Stars  Twisted Engagement   Ann-Maree Coyte  August 9, 2014  Twisted Engagement is a story of finding new love and starting over. Lilly cancels her engagement to David, says goodbye to her best friend Sue, sells her business, and leaves New York City. She ends up in Everly Flats, a small town in Colorado. On a flight from Denver she meets Glenn Parsons, a hotel owner, who gives her a ride to Everly Flats. He's good-looking, and it isn't too long before there's a romance between them. When Sue comes to visit Lilly, some really weird things start happening. They're out shopping and are nearly run over by a Blue Bronco, doors are left open, and Sue thinks she's hallucinating.Out of the blue, enters David! He's come to tell Lilly he wants her back. He gets rough with her and scares the hell out of her. When Lilly runs to Glenn for help, she arrives at his hotel in time to see him exit a limousine with another woman. And they're kissing. Too scared to go home, Lilly runs to her best friend Sue in New York. From there, it becomes a sadistic game of hide and seek. I felt Twisted Engagement was well written, kept me wide awake, and in places it affected me so emotionally I had to force myself to remember it was only a book. I think Sandi excelled in putting together the plot. It's quite complex, and I found it flowed smooth and was easy to read. I had trouble putting it down. I read Sandi's other book, Loving Adonis, but I think I liked Twisted Engagement more. 


3 of 5 Stars  Twisted Engagement   Michelle July 29, 2014  I received my copy of Twisted Engagement from the author through the Goodreads First Reads program. I'd give the book a 3.5 star rating if I had the opportunity. As her wedding day approaches, Lilly Andrews comes to the realization that she truly does not love her fiancé and decides to call off the wedding. Concerned about the implications this decision will have on her parents and their country club friends, including her fiancé David's family, Lilly first seeks her parents blessing in ending the arrangement. They take the news better than David does. Brisk and cutting, David accuses Lilly of having affairs, his anger level rising throughout their meeting. To clear her thoughts and focus on the future, Lilly takes her best friend Sue's advice, sells her restaurant and leaves New York for Everley Flats, Colorado in search of a fresh perspective and new location to open a restaurant. Aboard the tiny aircraft, Lilly meets Glenn Parsons, the owner of the hotel she will be staying at. Romance blooms between the two, and interestingly enough, Sue arrives in town and falls for the General Manager, Jim Hanson. But all is not well, a string of strange coincidences, unlocked doors, repeated run ins with a blue Bronco, dead air phone calls, a mystery man inquiring about Lilly, all herald the coming of danger.

3 of 5 Stars  Twisted Engagement   Krissy June 15, 2014  I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review. I really liked this book, I thought it was handled very well and respectfully. However I had quite a few issues with it and not because it was written poorly or is a bad book - but because personally it affected me on an emotional level that didn't sit with me right due to my own history with the involved topic. I really respect that the author was willing to create a story involving around abuse victims, there were a few things I agreed with and a few that I didn't but I did appreciate how it was handled and I grew to like the story despite it bothering me so much. I felt that Twisted Engagement was done well and I really liked it but I hated that for me that it affected me so strongly. Which is a good thing because I dislike books that don't affect me. :) Kind of redundant but I was able to finish it and enjoy the book overall despite my emotions and the issues I disagreed with. 


5 of 5 Stars Twisted Engagement   Donna Gott May 4, 2014  This romantic suspense, was a very touching but endearing story with a VERY surprising ending. Abuse, no matter what form it is, causes such emotional pain for the person on the receiving end. In so many cases there are no happy endings and in some cases it will end in death. I'm glad that this story has been written even though in this case it is fictional. Sandi has told a story that needs to be told and she has done an excellent job. When a woman has been so brow beaten that she or her friends and family no longer recognize her, it's time to help them however we can out of the situation. As in this case Lilly with the help of her best friend Sue realizes that she does not love her boyfriend. Just weeks before her wedding, she breaks it off. David surprises her with such an ugly scene that she becomes truly frightened of him. Making this decision Lilly decides with the support of her family and Sue to relocate to a small town in Colorado. Here is where Sandi excels in her creation of a woman finding herself worth again with the help of the extraordinary man she meets. Glenn cannot imagine how a woman with the talents and beauty of Lilly could have been treated like this. This story is written with finesse, capturing the journey of Lilly's return from the loss of herself. Rich with exceptional descriptions of the characters and surroundings, bringing them alive to the reader. I fell in love with the town and the four lead characters, Lilly, Sue, Glenn and Jim. The suspenseful twists and unbelievable turns will keep you reading long past bedtime. The details concerning David brought me this feeling of incredible anger and hatred towards him. I wanted to twist his neck myself! I really enjoyed reading this even with the emotional roller coaster I went through, the ending was VERY rewarding. Excellent read!

4 of 5 Stars  Twisted Engagement  David Burnett May 1, 2014  Lilly calls off her engagement just weeks before her wedding. Afraid of her former fiancé and at the urging of her best friend, she decides to leave New York City and to start over. She sells the Cavern, a restaurant she had founded, packs her clothes and sets out for Everly Flats, a small town near Aspen, Colorado. She had been driving to Aspen a few years before, became lost and found herself in Everly Flats. She liked the little town and feels it will be a good place to relax, to think, to plan, and, in general, to get her life back together. Perhaps she will want to settle there. Perhaps she will open another restaurant. On the flight from Denver in a puddle-jumper airplane, she meets Glenn Parsons. He gives her a ride to town when she finds that her rental car is not available. He invites her to diner. He is good-looking, he is helpful, he is unmarried, and she falls in love with him and, eventually discovers that he is wealthy.  Unfortunately, her former fiancé is unwilling to take “I can’t marry you” at face value. He appears in Everly Flats to “woo” her back – or else. Twisted Engagement is Sandi Whipple’s second novel. While enjoyed Loving Adonis, her first book, I find Twisted Engagement to be a much better book. The writing flows more smoothly, and the plot is more complex, involving more than simply the relationship between Lilly and Glenn. The romantic encounters arise from the plot and they do not dominate the book. Many romance novels seem to exist solely for the romance, but in Twisted Engagement it is not the sole focus. Having said that, I should note that while the characters in romance novels typically experience sex apart from marriage or even love, Twisted Engagement seems to overtly advocate it. In the opening scene, for example, Sue, Lilly’s best friend, is appalled when she discovers that Lilly and her fiancé have never slept together. She takes this fact as a positive indication of problems between them. Later, Lilly tells Sue she believes she was falling in love with her boyfriend before they spent the night together, as if this is something perhaps unexpected, not the norm. The only person in the book to advocate a link between sex and marriage is identified as a suffering from schizophrenia. The reader must decide if this is strength or a weakness. Perhaps it is simply a reflection of twenty-first century practice. Twisted Engagement is an easy, enjoyable read, perfect for a rainy afternoon or a day at the beach.



5 of 5 Stars Loving Adonis Virginia Ferguson ~ January 23, 2018 ~ I found Loving Adonis like an updated and sexy Pride and Prejudice where misunderstandings and lack of communications between the couple abound, as well as the plot twists. It seems that this lack of true communication is the topic of the century. Your words flow from the page almost conversationally. I enjoyed it muchly.   


3 of 5 Stars Loving Adonis TDC Book Reviews By Chasidy Barton ~ December 10, 2016 ~ Annie, a flower shop owner, meets Gary and falls for him immediately. Gary owns a refrigeration company, meets Angie and falls for her. Both have been burned in past relationships and have trust issues. They both have insecurity issues and have jealous tendencies. They have an on again of again relationship. When they are on, you can't help but love them. Angie and Gary's biggest issue is lack of communication. This is my first book from this author. Overall, it was a good read. The characters and story are well developed. At times it made me laugh, a little frustrated, cry, and in the end made me love them.

5 of 5 Stars Jeanie Lautenschlager 7:48am Feb 11, 2015 Danny read all three of your books. He loved them all. Waiting for your next book. 

5 of 5 Stars Loving Adonis January 24, 2015 (DONNA JOYCE California) Sandi, just wanted you to know that I just finished "Loving Adonis" & really enjoyed it! Can't wait to start reading "Twisted Engagement". I passed your name on to my Niece & highly recommended that she purchase your books. I loaned "Loving Adonis" to my Granddaughter (she's a big reader) telling her how much I enjoyed it & hopefully she will tell her friends about it. Keep on writing, as now I'm hooked & will be looking for your next book, once I finish these other two!! Best Wishes.

4 of 5 Stars Loving Adonis Review Written by Ron Cartwright January 14, 2015 Amazon Verified Purchase (Paperback) Good read!

4 of 5 Stars Loving Adonis By: Jola December 30, 2014 'Loving Adonis' is not really my favourite kind of book, but it managed to keep me hooked to the end. There were few surprises that made the story more interesting. This novel deserves checking out definitely.

5 of 5 Stars Loving Adonis 29 Oct. 2014 By: Amazon.UK Customer Format: Kindle Edition A very original and charming story of interwoven lives..... Loving Adonis is a very original and charming story of interwoven lives. I saw pieced some of the puzzle together quite early, but others were a surprise until the end. The instant attraction between Angie and Gary is challenged by their past experiences, trust issues clouding their judgment. Despite many steamy sexual encounters, their fear of being hurt leads to misunderstandings which outweigh their desire for each other.

5 of 5 Stars Loving Adonis Gayle Hanna Sep 10, 2014 I am very impressed with Sandi K. Whipple and her first novel, Loving Adonis. It was very entertaining with an ending that I didn't see coming. You won't be disappointed.

4 of 5 Stars Loving Adonis Trish Jackson September, 2014 Communication Problems ~ Angie and Gary get together early in the story and over time they develop a deep and sensuous relationship. They don't just hop into the sack together. They go out, spend time getting to know one another, and do crazy things before their relationship turns serious and culminates in delicious, passionate and loving sex. A great, solid base for a lasting connection, you're thinking. But no. One day Gary simply says "See Ya," and walks out on Angie. She has no idea what has caused the sudden change in him, and although she tries to get on with her life and build up her flower business, she cannot forget the handsome man she has privately named 'Adonis'. Gary cannot put Angie out of his mind either. But when they get back together, and things seem to be running smoothly again, the same thing happens. Just those two little words and everything is thrown into turmoil again. Their greatest problem is that they do not communicate well. This leads to all sorts of wild and incorrect assumptions, which damage their relationship over and over until you, as a reader feel as frustrated as them. The happy ending is full of twists and surprises that I couldn't foresee, and it made up for all the frustration.

5 of 5 Stars Loving Adonis Keely Nouveau August 13, 2014 I enjoyed reading Loving Adonis tremendously. It was a combination of a lot of different situations and kept me interested throughout the entire book. I can’t wait to read Sandi’s next book, which I already have on my night stand.

5 of 5 Stars Loving Adonis Ann-Maree Coyte Aug 09, 14 Loving Adonis is about trust issues. Angie, a flower shop owner, meets handsome Gary, falls head over heels, and privately nicknames him Adonis. But she's been burned in the past. Gary, owner of a refrigeration company, meets Angie, and falls for her immediately. But he's been burned in his past. (Hell, in this day and age who hasn't been burned in their past?) They both carry the heavy baggage of severe insecurity, which leads them both to some major jealousy issues. Angie accidently sees Gary with a blonde who is hugging and kissing him. Angie is JEALOUS! Angie hires a private detective named Alan. Gary hears her on the phone with a guy named Alan. Gary is JEALOUS! Too stubborn to confront one another, their relationship becomes an on again off again affair. But boy, when it's on again, they have some really hot sex, well written too! Though I found these two characters flawed to the point of stupidity, Sandi's writing creativity had me adoring them both! And I absolutely loved Aunt Ruth. She was a kick! There's a scene where Angie and her best friend Carl are having lunch and both get very drunk. I laughed so hard I even cried. I laughed in many places, got angry in a few, frustrated in others, and cried at the end. I think when someone's words can bring out all those emotions, they have created a damned good book.

3 of 5 Stars Loving Adonis by: Lucky Lady July 12, 2014 Kindle Edition I could guess at the ending but it was fun getting there. For a first-time author this was a pretty good story. It's a light romance novel you may enjoy.

3 of 5 Stars Loving Adonis Rachel June 25, 2014 I received this book from the goodreads first reads program. Talk about communication problems. The entire storyline is about two adults constantly hurting each other because they dont talk to each other. At times the story was rushed and at others it was glossed over. There were numerous typos that should be addressed. Overall I enjoyed the book.

4 of 5 Stars  Loving Adonis Krissy June 15, 2014 I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review. Loving Adonis was actually pretty intense for me to read, the story is very well developed, the characters aren't like the average people you find authors creating. They're complex, they're realistic and they come interwoven with their own "flaws" Sandi has brought to life a couple that without the inner workings of their personal doubts and hesitations and their own personalities the story wouldn't work and nothing would mesh. However the author in her brilliance has managed to create a relationship that really draws you in more than the plot does. I really enjoyed this book and I really appreciated a fresh new realistic perspective on romance. Loving Adonis was a really good read.

5 of 5 Stars Loving Adonis Donna Gott May 4, 2014 I'll tell you this was a very sweet but frustrating read but that is not a bad thing it this case. You have this amazing couple that fall in love with each other the minute they meet and yet they spend the entire book confusing each other because they are to stubborn to talk. They fight each step of the way in accepting that they love each other but when they are together before they trip over their jealousy having these delightful feelings and incredible, hot and delicious sex. Not only does their lack of communication leave them in the dark but it affects all their friends. The only problem with this book is it is great. The author has an exceptional talent to take this couple from meeting to the most emotional ending that will blow you away. Love, lots of laughter, unbearable frustration and a ton of tears for joy will take you to the conclusion. Keep the tissues handy and enjoy a GREAT READ!

4 of 5 Stars  Loving Adonis David Burnett May 2, 2014 Why Won’t They Talk? In this romance novel, have you ever heard of a couple who has a “communication problem”? Well, Angie and Gary have the communication problem to top all communication problems. Angie loves Gary. Gary loves Angie. You would think that everything would be wonderful! If they would only talk, they might be.Psychologists tell us that, all things being equal we will choose the simplest interpretation of any situation. Angie and Gary do this with a vengeance!Angie’s best friend, Carolyn, often uses her nickname, Carl. Angie has hired a private investigator whose name is Alan. Gary hears her talk to them on the telephone. Angie sees Gary and a blonde woman eating lunch at a restaurant. As lunch ends, the woman hugs Gary and kisses his cheek. The simplest explanation in each case? The person is cheating! If each would only ask the other what is going on! This is a sweet romantic comedy. It is entertaining; you have to laugh; you want to pound a little sense into both people (although I was more sympathetic to Angie than I was to Gary); and there is plenty of sex. If you enjoy light romances, you will enjoy Loving Adonis.

4 of 5 Stars Loving Adonis Stephanie Lasley March 29, 2014 The definition of a jealous fool: one who shows resentful suspicion; acts unwisely or imprudently; lacking good sense or judgment.The main characters in this sweet engaging story are Gary and Angie and they are both jealous fools. On top of that they each possess insecurity issues, too much pride and ZERO communication skills.Through the talented writing skills of author Sandi K. Whipple, you still find yourself falling in love with these extremely flawed characters. One thing is for sure, when Gary and Angie are together their relationship is really amazing. When they are apart they are both miserable.While reading Loving Adonis I found myself laughing out loud, followed by pulling my hair out from total frustration and at the conclusion of this novel I cried. These emotions are all great signs of a true romantic love story! Stephanie Lasley, from The Kindle Book Review The Kindle Book Review received a free copy of this book for an independent, fair, and honest review. We are not associated with the author or Amazon.

4 of 5 Stars Loving Adonis By Margaret Clark Price February 6, 2014 Format: Kindle Edition

"Loving Adonis," a novel by Sandi K. Whipple, combines and intertwines multiple characters, satisfying the readers of romance novels and living fiction. Wherever shelved, "Loving Adonis" is a deliciously romantic tale that is engrossing in every way. The most appreciated aspect of the novel is the melding of characters which the author has managed to portray quite convincingly. "Loving Adonis" revolves around love, jealousy, and intriguing family dynamics but the narration remains light enough to be entertaining and endearing. The author does a superb job with dialogue, finding just the right mix of narrative to move the story along with character depth and subject. However, it is certainly complex enough to appeal to the die-hard romance fan. The heat of the romantic scenes, the plot, the twists and turns, are page-turning! An avid reader of romance will quickly turn the pages to find what happens next. As a "romance" novel, with "tame intimacy," "Loving Adonis" is a story that older teenagers would also enjoy because the main character struggles to reaffirm and reinforce family connectedness. This integral facet of the story is engaging and heartwarming.



5 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance  ~  Heather Gathman  ~  Apr 26, 2017 ~ I am not much of a reader so I listened to this book on cd. I loved it. The short trips in my car were killing me. I couldn't wait to hear what happened next. I even started taking lunch breaks in my car so I could listen. I forgot how relaxing it was to get lost in a good story. I highly recommend!! Cannot wait for the next book to listen to.

5 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance ~ Yolanda Parker ~ Apr 25, 2017 ~ I really enjoyed this book. This is the second book I have read by Sandi, and once again I became involved with the story right from the start. I really enjoy books that make me want to get back to the story as soon as possible. Like not wanting to put it down, this is exactly what happened with this one. If you enjoy romance mixed with mystery, this book is for you!

5 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance ~ Kathryn (K.J.) Simmill  of Readers Favorite ~ January 10, 2017 ~ Judy had been passed from foster home to foster home. Never sure if returning to her real parents was a blessing or a curse. Her mother beat her and her brothers, but some of the things she had endured at the hands of others seemed far worse. If her early life taught her anything it was never to trust someone claiming to love her. People who loved her hurt her, physically, mentally, and they always left. Judy didn’t need that kind of love. Starting a new life had been difficult, she had been taken in, clothed and fed, but unable to find work the person caring for her offered an alternative, to become a call-girl. Feeling indebted to Gladys, Judy agreed. She was paid well for her services and whilst she had, in the past, had her doubts about her illicit lifestyle, she was comfortable with it now. Then along came Bryce Stevens, stirring complex thoughts and unfamiliar reactions. Can she shield the truth about her career, and if he should discover her secret could he bring himself to forgive her, to overlook her deception?
There are few books that I can pick up and instantly lose myself in, but with Tarnished Romance I did just that. Sandi K Whipple has a easy-flowing style that draws the reader in. The plot is enjoyable and the characters are well-conceived. The story progresses seamlessly, presenting obstacles and events Judy must conceal in order to guard her secret. Her developing feelings for Bryce are beautifully portrayed, as is their growing relationship. This was a brilliant read, and one you simply won’t want to put down until its conclusion. 

5 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance ~  Pat Henderson ~ December 15, 2016 ~ It was amazing I love the book. I met the author at a book signing in Burlington Wisconsin. It is not only romance but adventure also. Some areas of the book left you hanging, like what was in the envelope about her family's??? It was easy reading and it left lot of questions for a sequel. I have enjoyed all of this author's books, but this is my favorite.

4 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance Brenda Taylor September 14, 2016 ~  I really liked it what i loved about Judy, no matter what childhood and adult trauma she went through she overcame her and past to make a better future. there was so many real life circumstances that the story was so very real it was hard to put down. Very nice read; I am looking for more of Sandi's books; this was the first but not the last one to read.

4 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance  ~ Christie Gutknecht  Aug 19, 2016 ~ Really liked it. This is my favorite book that Sandi Whipple has written thus far. I enjoyed the characters and the obstacles Judy overcame in her life. She and Bryce's relationship was interesting and made me want to keep reading. Give it a read... You will not be disappointed 

5 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance ~ Reviewed by:  InD'tale Magazine  by: Viola Robins  July 20, 2016 ~ Judy Stone becomes Judy Kalfus on her eighteenth birthday and heads west from Illinois, leaving her painful upbringing behind. She ends up in San Francisco by way of a woman who claimed could and would help her start a new life. What Judy didn't understand at the time was the price she’d have to pay - she was recruited as a high-end call girl. Judy was void of any love in her childhood so really, no emotion got in the way of her job. Once she loses her boss she goes out on her own. Means of survival leads her to carry on her career path, it’s all she knows and has done well for herself. She’s had to lie to people she cares about and when love finally finds her is she capable of loving back or will the deceit win out?
Ms. Whipple has created a fantastic heroine! Readers will be drawn into Judy’s story immediately and sympathies will run deep. The ebb and flow of her real chance at love is believable and has readers rooting for Bryce Stevens, the attorney that’s made a connection with Judy, or so he thinks. The loyalty portrayed by Judy’s few friends is a nice touch and keeps her character grounded. This story covers many topics and they are played out well, although the main story arc is not unique. Although there are some unsavory bits it’s thoughtfully written. Readers will surely enjoy this for a quick summer read!

4 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance  ~ Reviewed by: TDC Book Reviews  May 23, 2016  This book is a story about Judy and how she fell in love with Bryce. Judy has had a hard past and didn't have too many choices thrown her way. Judy is a girl who has had more than her fair share of heart break and abandonment. Judy also lives a double life, she has the people she surrounds herself with and then her night life. This story had a HEA which is great because it is always great to see how a character can pick their self-up, even when bad things come their way. The reason for the four star review, is that it skipped several parts of the story and I didn't get to know the characters well enough to be able to feel compassion. I did feel sympathetic but it was through an outsider's view and I wasn't able to see through the character's view. This was a great book though and it was a joy to read.

4 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance ~ Reviewed By: Krissy's Bookshelf  January 7, 2016 ~ Note: I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review.   The title should have been white lies: a lesson of what not to do in love. Unfortunately there is also a lesson in keeping secrets about your past that's underlined in this story because Judy's past soon rears its ugly head and catches up to her. I love Whipples ability to take reality and weave it into a romance in such a believable way. Although I wasn't quite sure I would like Judy because she continued to make decisions that made me want to shake her, she also had a quality that made me want to cheer her on too. Maybe its the whole under dog thing but it worked for me. Tarnished is a great read to enjoy when one wants a bit of truth to be uncovered.

5 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance  Jeanne Brostrom  January 3, 2016 ~ Tarnished Romance is another great read by Sandi Whipple. Judy Kalfus, the main character, must resolve her tarnished past in order to be part of a meaningful relationship with attorney, Bryce Stevens. As she struggles with the demons that created her circumstances, her inner kindness and faith in life are championed as she finds her way through the maze of her identity. Raised in foster homes, duped by a pimp, destined to survive, Judy finds support in Bryce - a support that enables her to continue to rise above her past and to embrace a love she had never known. Tarnished Romance is a little darker read than Sandi's past work, more probing. Well done!

5 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance  Vikki Daggett  November 25, 2015 ~ Congrats to you!! I loved your book and couldn't put it down. I have read all 4 of your books and can't wait for the next one to come out. You have a knack for telling the best stories. Keep them coming, they are sll great!  Sandi, you deserve all the praise and glory! You did this all on your own and you wrote winners! So glad I got to meet you when I was there visiting my daughters Wendy and Nikki. Bravo to you!!!

5 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance   Will she go from tarnished to love?  By DD Gott on November 25, 2015  ~ Following their first date, Judy Kalfus fell in love with the man of her dreams, attorney Bryce Stevens. For the first time in her life, she realized feelings that had previously been prevented by her clients. In an attempt to cover her real occupation, Bryce is led to believe that Judy is employed at the San Francisco General Hospital. As she struggles with her childhood fears, Judy wrestles with the ability to have an open relationship. Heartache and emotional pain are no strangers to her. How can she have closeness and distance at the same time? The inevitable happens and Judy's false foundation begins to crumble. Bryce discovers she is unknown at the hospital and demands full disclosure. Will the truth tarnish their romance?
What did I like? First what I liked the most was the way that the author made this whole story so, SO believable. I know this authors work and have read all that she has out and have loved everyone of them but this is the best that she has done to date. She has come so far since that first book. The details of the abuse that Judy went through as a young girl and even into adulthood had me so mad at her father. Then I watched as she tried to build something of her life. I rooted when she finally met and fell in love and cried when disaster happened. I could have shot her stalker myself after what he did to her.  What will you like? The depth of the realness and the details that it took to make you feel as I did above. The author shows what it takes to be successful in this business and you just won't want to put this down till you find out what happens.  I received this as a beta reader for an honest review from the author.

5 of 5 Stars Tarnished Romance    Allison Bostow  November 24, 2015 ~ Producer KCJB Radio ~ I have to tell you, I took a couple days  from work  last week, and on my “to do” list was to read Tarnished Romance. LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!  I started reading it and didn’t put it down until I reached the last page.  My only complaint?  I wish it would have been longer.  Fantastic story line, loved the mystery and romance in it.  I think many women could find themselves someone living a life very much similar which they are living their  reality life and wanting to step into their dream life. THANK YOU for writing such a great book. 

5 of 5 Stars Tarnished Romance   Can the Hooker Find Love? ~ By   David Burnett for the Kindle Book Review I received a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.October 14, 2015 ~ Judy was as an abused kid who did what she must to survive. She was taken in by a pimp, learned to work as a prostitute, found that she did it well, and prospered. She doesn’t have a heart of gold, but she’s not evil, either. She looks on what she does as her profession, and like those in other lines of work, she’s able to separate her business and personal lives. Nevertheless, it seems rather improbable that a prostitute would meet and fall in love with the guy of her dreams, an attorney who is not a client. It seems even more improbable that they will fall in love. In Tarnished Romance, though, the author makes it completely believable. Then, an abusive client begins to stalk her, and she turns to the strong man for her former pimp to take care of it. The client ends up dead and in the aftermath, her secrets are revealed, and the man she loves walks away. It’s an excellent story. It is well-written, moves well, and holds your interest. I found myself rooting for Judy, hoping that things would turn out well for her. This is the best of Sandi Whipple’s books to date and is highly recommended! 

5 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance   Oct 07, 2015 Gayle Hanna ~  Tarnished Romance is yet another great read by Sandi Whipple. The main character in this book has been through childhood and adult trauma, but overcomes her past and moves forward to find a full filling life and the kind of love that she didn't know existed. It goes to show that no matter what life throws your way, you can move forward and put the past behind you. With all the twists and turns in Tarnished Romance, you won't want to put it down. I look forward to Sandi's next novel.

5 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance  Oct 02, 2015 Debbie Conover ~  I loved it. Another great book by Sandi. Great characters, great story line.  She draws the readers in with her great characters and you become a part of their lives. She has strong female leads who aren't afraid to take charge and be their own person. The romance in this book is different and wonderful at the same time. She made me cheer for Judy and only want good things to happen for her.  I loved Bryce even when he couldn't get out of his own way to see the good in Judy.  You are cheering for a happy ending. I highly recommend all of Sandi's books. I'm a big fan of her work and look forward to reading more.